Privacy policy


  1. The privacy policy of the “” website
    The following policy defines the rules of processing personal details, as well as the usage of cookie
    files on the website. We reserve the right to introduce changes (to the possessed data). Before
    deciding on usage of our services or functionality, please get familiar with the following policy and the
    conditions concerning our services.
    I. Personal Details1. Administrator
    The person in charge of administrating the personal details on ROSA website is
    Agnieszka Rosa-Otto, stationing in Warsaw, Wilcza 3/39 00-538.
    2. Personal Details
    2.1 Sharing the personal details is nonobligatory, once gained, data are to be directly passed
    to through the forms available online.
    2.2 The lack of certain data may affect the process of registration (as a user) or have an
    impact on various functions and services available on the website. The user is obliged to
    give his actual personal details/ The personal details given by the user in the process of
    registration are to be their actual ones. On account of the nature of the services offered
    by our internet portal, they cannot function correctly while anonymity is maintained.
    2.3 While uploading the personal details of a third party, the person who uploads them is the
    one responsible of informing such parties about the action, as well as of gaining their
    permission for uploading their personal details, in order to meet the requirements
    concerning certain chapters of the following Privacy Policy.
    3. The range of the gathered personal details
    3.1 Personal Details, such as the first and the last name, name of the company (if justified), e-
    mail address, phone number, delivery address, gathered after the User enters into an
    agreement with the Administrator. Administrator is allowed to process the data, uploaded
    in the process of registration, purchase, as well as the usage of the services offered by
    the website.
    3.2 Data is being gathered through the process of contact by e-mail or phone call and entitles
    the Administrator to process the data discussed in 3.1. in order to finalize the transaction.
    4. Means of transferring personal details
    4.1 Personal details are gathered to identify the user of the website, as well as allow the
    access to entire range of products and services available inclusively for logged-in users.
    The data gathered during the process of registration allow the User to log in to our
    4.2 Personal details allow to establish an agreement of purchasing the products offered by the
    website. Data gathered in the process of purchase are to be used to carry out the
    4.3 Gathering the data allows the management to contact the User by electronic mail, phone,
    text message or other forms of communication when necessary.
    4.4 Additional personal details, such as e-mail address, are gathered solely in locations that
    the User clearly agreed on during filling in the forms. The mentioned data is stored and
    used only for actions required to correctly execute the service selected by the User.
    5. Voluntary of sharing personal details
    Sharing one’s personal details is voluntary, although the lack of certain details might affect or
    unable the functions and services offered by the website.
    6. The right to access the content of personal details and the right to correct them
    6.1 Each user is granted the right to access their detail, rectify, delate or limit the right to
    process, as well as the right to object and file a complaint against the privacy policy of the
    website to the accurate supervisors. The contact with the Administrator (supervising andtransferring the personal details) is possible by e-mail addressed to: The user is entitled to cancel the permission for processing their
    personal details at any given time, such cancellation should be send by e-mail to the e-
    mail addressed mentioned in the previous sentence.
    6.2 The right to delete the permission cannot be validated in the case in which the user has
    an opened order, which has not been handed over to the courier yet (or sent partially),
    has an opened procedure of complaint or owes money in an unregulated debt to ROSA
    Agnieszka Rosa-Otto.
    7. Protection of the data
    7.1. The administrator ensures the security of personal details on account of accurate
    technical and organizational services, in order to prevent any illegal processing as well as
    accidental loss or damage of the stored personal details.
    7.2 Personal data passed by the website to the operator’s server are under protection of
    connection encrypted with the SLL code. The Administrator ensures the protection of personal
    details with a high security means, specified in the Ministry of Inner Affair and Administration
    from 29 th of April, 2004, concerning documentation of processing the personal details, as well
    as technical and organizational means, applied on all IT systems, used for processing any
    personal details (Dz. U. z 2004 r. Nr 100, poz. 1024).
    8. Google Analytics
    ROSA Agnieszka Rosa-Otto uses Google Analytics, an online service provided by Google,
    Inc., which counts the number of guests visiting the website and passes an information about
    the amount of time averagely spent on the website or an average amount of subpages visited
    by the guests.
    Google Analytics uses cookie files. The above information are used by Google for the purpose
    of evaluation of the use of the Portal by its users, the preparation of reports on website activity
    for its operators and delivery of other services connected to website activity and Internet
    usage. Google may also transfer this information to third parties when required by applicable
    law, with the proviso that Google will not connect the IP addresses of the users of the Site with
    other data collected by Google.
    More information on Google Analytics can be found on
    The user is free to install the web browser extension blocking Google Analytics (Opt-
    out Browser Add-on), which will prevent Google Analytics from collecting data on the
    websites visited by the user.9. The user is able to define the preferred way of proceeding cookie files (including
    limiting and turning the cookie files off) on their own by changing their web browser’s
    Detailed information about the possibilities and options of handling cookie files is available in
    the user's web browser settings.
    Limitation of the cookie files usage may affect the functionality of the Portal.